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In luxury, Shilpa sobs

London, Jan. 6: Shilpa Shetty, who is batting for Bollywood and for India inside Celebrity Big Brother House in London, broke down in tears last night.

Life’s a bitch, she is learning, especially as she has gone out of her way to be nice to everyone, but the 31-year-old actress is among the first group of housemates nominated for eviction on Wednesday.

She could be out unless Indian viewers — and any other new fans she may have acquired in the UK — ring 09011 32 33 14 to keep her in.

Shilpa’s sobs were not caused by the threat of eviction, though.

Last night, the 11 celebrity contestants were given a minute to decide among themselves which three would stay in the main “luxury house” — in fact, a hideous modern set — and which eight would relocate to “servants’ quarters” next door. The latter, though cramped, had not entirely disagreeable Victorian style décor.

The housemates decided that Ken Russell, the 79-year-old director (the joke is “he has kept the girls up all night — with his snoring”), Jermaine Jackson, 52, singing brother of Michael Jackson, and Shilpa would stay in the main house, while the eight others would leave.

Soft-natured Indian girl that she is, Shilpa sobbed at the judaai, although it is also clear that the others did not quite see her as being part of their group.

This has nothing to do with racism; more that Shilpa hasn’t entirely clicked with working class English culture, which Big Brother and much of British television, with its preoccupation with ratings, celebrates.

Today, Day Four, and Ladbrokes have given Shilpa odds of 20/1 to win, the same as Russell. There are six candidates ahead of them, with actress and comedienne Cleo Rocos, the favourite, offered odds of 3/1.

The rules are now a little complicated but the eight next door have to be servants to the six in the main house, but one of the six will be evicted on Wednesday.

Sleeping in a room with strange men must be a new experience for Shilpa who moved beds and explained she must sleep with her feet pointing south. “It’s a Hindu feng shui thing,” she commented.

Later, she came clean: “Uncle Ken snores really loudly and I don’t want to sleep on that side. So I’d rather sleep far away.”

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