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The 30s and the Hotties
Gone are the days when we used to watch ‘puppy-love’ movies like Bobby, Prem Rog or Love 86 with teenage lead pairs singing and running around the trees. The focus from lead actors in their late teens or early 20s has shifted ...  | Read.. 
The beedi lit up only after the jigar gathered more aag
The ladies are not far behind, either. The ones who are going strong at the moment are also in their 30s (and here, we are no ...  | Read.. 
Tadka laga ke! Nimbu maar ke!
Soutan Impact: 2006 opened with tales of Raveena Tandon pouring a drink into her husband’s ex-wife face at ...  | Read.. 
‘Nothing is better than nonsense’
See, something is better than nothing. But nothing is better ...  | Read.. 
‘Where am I in Baabul'’
Trust the lovely Hema Malini to call a spade a spade. While everyone has already commented on the shockingly abbreviated size ...  | Read.. 
I have made the record of singing for both Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan
This is a very different song and very unlike the previous...  | Read.. 
Destination Seventh Heaven
Just two freewheeling transcreations of GULZAR’s scintillating poems in one of his finest lyrical work (Koi Baat ...  | Read.. 
Knowing Salman Khan, his tagging along with girlfriend Katrina Kaif ooks more like insecurity than being ...  | Read.. 
Bat out of hell 3 — the monster is loose Meatloaf Universal; Rs 150 ...  | Read.. 
Now you see it, now you don’t
The 30s and the Hotties
Anusha Dandekar