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State picks 350 holes in Mamata Tata map

Calcutta, Jan. 2: Many of the plots Mamata Banerjee claims were forcibly acquired from farmers in Singur are not part of the land earmarked for the Tata small car factory at all, the government has found.

“Out of the list provided by the Trinamul Congress, we have found that around 350 plots cited by them were not acquired at all. These plots do not fall within the Tata project land,” said commerce and industry secretary Sabyasachi Sen.

Mamata, when she was on hunger strike, had submitted six lists to governor Gopal Krishna Gandhi of land “forcibly acquired”. Details of 1,880 plots in Gopalnagar, Beraberi, Khaserbheri and Bajemelia mouzas were provided.

Trinamul MP Mukul Roy said the government was not telling the truth. “For the past three weeks, the government has been saying it will publish the list of farmers who have given land for the Tata project in Singur. But till date they have not done it,” he said.

Sen today submitted a “status report” on land acquisition in Singur to the chief minister. The commerce and industry department is compiling a list of farmers who have given their consent, which was also to have been handed in today, but has got delayed as the government is verifying Mamata claims.

“Along with the consent list, we’ll publish an annexture of the Opposition’s list, providing the actual status of the plots mentioned by them. In the consent list, we’ll mention the name of the payment recipient, the dag number, cheque number as well as the date of payment,” he added.

“Under the Land Acquisition Act, there is no scope for individual consent to acquisition. The farmer can only give consent to the compensation amount he’s being offered,” Sen explained.

The acquisition ended formally on September 25, when the government declared the compensation. On October 4, the land was vested with the state government. It was mutated in the name of West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation on November 17.

“Tata Motors has been given permissive possession of the plot on December 27. They will be handed over the land after a formal agreement towards the end of January,” said Sen. “Permissive possession” means Tata Motors is allowed to enter the plot and carry out ground work, including soil tests and topographical survey.

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