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UN passes Iran nuke sanctions
The UN Security Council voted unanimously today to impose sanctions on Iran’s trade in sensitive nuclear materials and ballistic missiles, a move aimed at getting Tehran to halt uranium enrichment work. ...  | Read.. 
Renovation approved
The UN General Assembly today approved a top-to-bottom renovation of its landmark Manhattan headquarters building that is expected to take seven years to complete at a cost o ...  | Read.. 
Somali hawks in jihad call
Somali Islamists urged foreign Muslim fighters today to join their “holy war” against Ethiopia as rockets ricocheted for a fifth day over a frontline between Islami ...  | Read.. 
Britney tops
Britney Spears, the weather and Bebo attract the most searches on the Internet, according to the top search engines. ...  | Read.. 
Raul Castro calls for more openness
Provisional President Raul Castro called for more discipline and openness in Cuba’s communist government, telling lawmakers in comments published today there is no excus ...  | Read.. 
US forces kill Taliban leader
US forces said today they had killed the Taliban’s military chief in southern Afghanistan, where the insurgency is at its bloodiest, the most senior rebel leader killed ...  | Read.. 
Cheryl Van Ooteghen, principal of Sir Isaac Brock public school in Guelph, Canada,kisses Penelope the pig on Friday. The teachers and the principal of ...  | Read
Bono now a knight
Christmas ‘hostages’
A feisty great-grandmother held four builders hostage after they told her improvement work on her h..  | Read.. 
Japan fights for sushi
Japan is planning a campaign to end the “corruption” of sushi, as the nation’s m..  | Read..