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Poor want kids in private schools
Poorer parents are willing to pay more to get their children into private schools rather than send them to a free but substandard government school, a survey in Delhi shows. ...  | Read.. 
Quota bill can’t catch votes in UP
As last month’s Uttar Pradesh local poll results came in, showing only a marginal improvement by the Congress, a Rajya Sabha member from Rajasthan shook his head in ...  | Read.. 
A comfort prison to reform convicts
Landscaped gardens, a primary school, a hospital, a gym, an amphitheatre, a salon and a meditation hall. A brochure for a luxury housing complex' Wrong, these are some of ...  | Read.. 
PM lists five growth tests
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today warned against being “complacent” about the Indian economy as “major” development challenges still await solutions ...  | Read.. 
Bid buzz follows Anil to Tirupati
Anil Ambani offered prayers and sought the blessings of Lord Balaji for a business venture at the Tirumala temple this morning. ...  | Read.. 
Model Yana Gupta at a news conference to announce Goa Vibe 2006, a party to usher in the new year, in Panaji on Sunday. (PTI)
Farmer dies after taking pesticide
Court rules on employee FIR
Girl shot dead
Killed by mistake
Syringe test to beat polio in last battleground
The injectible inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) may enter India’s polio eradication effort ..  | Read.. 
Bye-bye Bhopal, hello Bhojpal
After bye-bye black sheep, it may be bye-bye Bhopal...  | Read.. 
Babus give babus the blushes
A bored, retired bureaucrat sits down at his desk every ...  | Read.. 

Sarabjit to be free in Jan: sister
Sarabjit Singh, a death-row convict in a Lahore jail, w ...  | Read.. 

Shahnawaz shut out
When Shahnawaz Hussain won the Bhagalpur Lok Sabha byel ...  | Read.. 

Glare on minority MPs’ meet
Close on the heels of A.R. Antulay discussing the Sacha ...  | Read.. 

Cops vs rebels in jail
Police today quelled a prison revolt by about 300 milit ...  | Read.. 

Farmers loot, cops look away
Farmers across Madhya Pradesh are rubbing their eyes in ...  | Read.. 

Jamaat in modern family campaign
At a gathering of a thousand Muslim men in Guwahati in ...  | Read.. 

Mumbai landmark facelift
Thanks to a generous Tata company, Mumbai’s archit ...  | Read.. 

Pooch party in lap of luxury
He struts about the suburbs dressed in a trendy T-shirt ...  | Read.. 

Antony on fast track
Defence minister A.K. Antony, a surprise choice for the ...  | Read.. 

Isro reaches for Mars in stage II
A scientist at a space centre in Thiruvananthapuram ins ...  | Read.. 

Maoists sneer at Nepal
Maoists in India aren’t too pleased with the way t ...  | Read..