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You can get a new face
Dr Alex Clarke has been interviewed more than 200 times by the media in a month. Hundreds of people have been telephoning her every day. Her diary has been packed and she’s had scant time for patients, whom she was busy attending to at the plastic and reconstructive surgery department. ...  | Read.. 
Taking a tip or two from ants
The sight of someone tracing the footsteps of tiny ants may seem absurd. But many researchers did carry out this painstaking exercise, only to be hugely rewarded. For instance, today’s communication and network engineers have picked up a trick or two from these social insects and are using them to manage the ever-increasing telecom and Internet traffic. ...  | Read.. 
You can get a new face
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Bits & Bytes: Tools you cannot do without
Thunderbird does for you what Outlook or Outlook Express did. And it does it even better. It is a potent email client with a very effective junk mail filter ...  | Read.. 
New tech for old problem
Food is meant to be chewed and savoured in the mouth before it is swallowed. This task becomes an unpleasant chore in 20 per cent of the population at any given time, as their mouths have painful ulcers. ...  | Read.. 
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OK, who’s got all the teaspoons'
 Research has proved what restaurateurs have long known. Maya Kessler reports on the phenomenon ...  | Read.. 
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The Science of James Bond
Lois H. Gresh & Robert Weinberg
Wiley; $14.95
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