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Indian Rendezvous

Itís about: On presenting her home city, actor Konkona Sensharma agrees that the Ďcity of joyí is truly a multi-dimensional city. Calcutta almost always seems to be throbbing with an exciting life force, spilling over with poets, artists and sport-crazy fans. The actress takes a tram ride, visits China Town, Flurys and the Nalban Lake while sipping the special tea and getting a glimpse of Durga Puja celebrations.

Why we recommend: The cityís rapid transformation is very well presented weaving the past and present in a charming irresistible mix.

Travel & Living; 8:30pm

Kicking and Screaming

Itís about: Phil Weston is a sensitive man who is easily capable of both crying and sewing. Unfortunately for Phil, these qualities have never quite endeared him to his tough-as-nails father, Buck. Buck coaches a youth soccer team, of which Philís 10-year-old son is a member. When Buck benches Philís son, then trades him to the last-place team, itís the last straw. An inexperienced Phil now steps in as the new coach of a rival team ó Tigers.

Whom to watch: Golden Globe nominee Will Ferrell and Oscar winner Robert Duvall. HBO; 9pm

World TV Premiere: Banaras

Itís about: A mystical love story and an eye-catching collage of the amazing city of Varanasi. The story is told in flashback. An ailing father hopes to see his estranged daughter before his mortal exit. His daughter, Shweta, who was once a chirpy young girl and dared to love a low-caste, only to be rebuffed by the orthodox society and driven to the brink of insanity before she found salvation deep within herself.

Whom to watch: Urmila Matondkargives her best to the role of Shwetambari. Ashmit Patel justifies the role of Soham. Raj Babbar stands tall in the entire ensemble with his portrayal of a proud and stern man and yet a loving father. And the same goes for Naseeruddin Shah, the enlightened sage.

Why we recommend: Director Pankuj Parashar does deserve credit for telling the story aesthetically. Also, Varanasi has been captured on celluloid with stunning beauty by cinematographer Nirav Shah.

Filmy; 3pm

Christmas Miracles

Itís about: Celebrities Halle Berry, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Melissa Joan Hart and Richard Karn serve as first-time Santaís helpers by fulfilling the wishes of children and their families. The children have been chosen from specially selected letters that were written to Santa and found in the Ďdead letterí bins at the US Postal Service.

STAR World; 8pm

Ghost Bana Dost

Itís about: A rich orphan kid, Dabboo, who lives under the care of his uncle and aunt. They ill-treat him and are only interested in the money he has inherited. Dabooís only saviour is Ni Ke, the friendly ghost who helps him during his time of need.

Why we recommend: This new serial about the superboy and the superghost will surely capture your imagination. STAR One; 8:30pm

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