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The Fifties and early Sixties in New Delhi, with five-year plans holding the centrestage. The planning commission was taken seriously by about everybody; P.C. Mahalanobis straddled across it like a colossus. Largely at his prodding, an impressive num...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Smoke alarm
Sir ó The nation was outraged by the violence in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra that oversha ...  | Read.. 
Few would doubt the exemplariness of Shibu Sorenís career in politics. If the bribery scandal involving him and his partymen ...| Read.. 
An otherwise inconsequential verdict for the status quo, the story of the assembly by-election for Islampur is signifi...| Read.. 
Bona Fide
Stitch in time
The other day, a successful and accomplished young professional was asked which foreign university he had attended. His reply...  | Read.. 
Men are so romantic, donít you think' They look for a perfect partner when what they should be looking for is perfect love. ó FAY WELDON
Across the memory sea
In Point to Point Navigation Gore Vidal follows up on the earlier re...  | Read.. 
New perspectives on the politics of conservation
Preservation of environment has been a professed concern for our social sci...  | Read.. 
Valley of despair
Gathering the Water, which made it to the Booker longlist this year,...  | Read.. 
Books that will never be read
A book loverís worst frustration is the knowledge that there are some books...  | Read.. 

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