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Blind designs on US dollar
The US dollar is at the centre of a big crisis. Not because it now costs almost $2 to buy £1 or because the Euro has been steadily rising against the once mighty American currency. ...  | Read.. 
Scientists find Mars water proof
A provocative new study of photographs taken from orbit suggests that liquid water flowed on the surface of Mars as recently as several years ago, raising the possibility tha ...  | Read.. 
Nepal force
A UN human rights body has criticised Nepali police for using excessive force against protesting students and has called on the authorities to exercise restraint. ...  | Read.. 
Withdraw combat forces: Iraq panel
The US should begin to withdraw forces from combat and launch a diplomatic push, including Iran and Syria, to prevent “a slide toward chaos” in Iraq, an elite panel ...  | Read.. 
Australia yes to cloning
Australia will allow embryonic stem cells to be cloned for research after lawmakers today defied conservative Prime Minister John Howard in an emotive parliamentary debate. ...  | Read.. 
Size matters
Blind designs on US dollar
Vaughniston calls it quits
Representatives for actors Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn have confirmed that the couple has cal..  | Read.. 
One test for all illnesses
A new diagnostic tool called a gene chip can tell with a single test if a patient has malaria, Ebol..  | Read..