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Star wars
At an altitude of 50 km over the Bay of Bengal last Monday, two missiles — both with a ‘made-in-India’ tag — flying many times faster than sound collided. ...  | Read.. 
Dining out' Try cottonseeds
If this piece of scientific work comes out as good as it looks on paper, mankind might just have discovered a potent tool to fight global hunger. An I ...  | Read.. 
Star wars
Dark energy
Alchemy kit
Whale brain
Science vs values
High tech
Spam SMS
Big ideas from the young
Can you imagine drinking drain water' Even it was purified a thousand times through a meticulous process, you would probably still recoil in horror. What about harnessing electricity from the vibration of bridges caused by the movement of vehicles' O ...  | Read.. 
Don’t doctor shop
Beware of steel stents
Young children can spot a lie
Smoking spurs drinking
Goodbye to egg allergy
Eyes don’t play tricks
Horns of a dilemma
Life is not fair. It often throws difficult choices at us humans, or for that matter every living thing on this planet. And no one knows this better than the horned beetle (Onthophagus nigriventris). A male beetle with well-developed horns has, ...  | Read.. 
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Why We Buy: The Science Of Shopping Paco Underhill Simon & Schuster; $ 15.00...  | Read.. 
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Why do our teeth pain on eating hot or cold food'
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