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Ma Prem Usha Tarot card reader and author

I tend to be very busy during weekdays what with reading cards for clients and writing for various newspaper columns. At the end of the day, I hardly have any energy left to do anything. So I look forward to the weekends with a passion, as this is a time when I get to make up for all the things I miss out during the week like cooking, reading, gardening and above all, spending time with my family.

While I try not to work on weekends, occasionally I do a reading at home or over the phone. But I indulge in reading of the other kind. Iím a voracious reader and enjoy books of the spiritual genre. Osho is a favourite.

I love cooking too and somehow my weekend feels incomplete if I donít rustle up something or the other. Itís not like I cook a seven-course meal. I may just bake a cake, or prepare something for my family.

I also use my free time to tend to my little balcony garden. Iíve learnt Ikebana and love spending time with my plants. I also spend a lot of time keeping my home looking spick and span.

Weekend evenings are reserved for meditation, something that offers me a different experience altogether. A walk in the park nearby is all I have left to squeeze in before I wrap up my weekend. And then, itís back to the work week routine.

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