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Minority report paints grim picture
The government, the biggest employer in the organised sector, is not hiring more than a minuscule of Muslims. ...  | Read.. 
Miners trapped
Six miners were feared killed when a ceiling of a coal mine in Burdwan’s Andal area caved in this morning. ...  | Read.. 
7/11 charges in 15 bags
Four months after the blasts on Mumbai trains that killed 192 people, the anti-terrorist squad (ATS) today filed a 10,667-page chargesheet in a Maharashtra Control of Org ...  | Read.. 
Ploy to divide: BJP
The BJP has slammed the Sachar Committee report, going as far as calling it the UPA’s “instrument to communally divide the country”. ...  | Read.. 
3 categories for action
The Rajinder Sachar committee has favoured trifurcating Muslims — instead of the conventional practice of treating the community as a monolithic group — for any affirmati ...  | Read.. 
Bharti Yadav comes out of the Patiala House courts after deposing in the Nitish Katara murder case on Thursday. ...  | Read
Soren death cloud
Parents bill
IT strike
Baby rap
Buddha bandh shield for Mulford
If Mamata Banerjee’s bandh tomorrow isn’t all that successful, one man who might not ..  | Read.. 
Trains set ablaze, lives snuffed out over statue
The Deccan Queen Express stood on the tracks burning, the leaping flames and billowing fumes fr..  | Read.. 
Gujarat terror law blocked
The Centre has blocked the Gujarat government’s mo ...  | Read.. 

Bread in Sanjay’s mercy plea
Sanjay Dutt said today he was the sole breadwinner in h ...  | Read..