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The two Kates (Winslet and Moss) have always stood at the opposite sides of the weighing scales. The actress of Titanic fame, if not proportions, endeared herself particularly to Indian audiences because of a subconscious subcontinental fascin...  | Read.. 
‘You’ve to keep exciting yourself as an actor’
If hectic schedules define stardom then Abhishek Bachchan has got to be the biggest star of the moment. Barely has he returne ...  | Read.. 
DVD/VCD Reviews
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‘I’m busy counting my blessings. It’s a good life’
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‘The journey has been nice’
Lataa Saberwal might have been identified as just another TV actress till the other day, but now she has expanded her horizon ...  | Read.. 
Hema mantra
I always thought that Krishna’s life is a story of supreme magic and wonder. He has millions of devotees not only...  | Read.. 
‘I have always encouraged new technology’
Nothing new, maybe, to Amitabh Bachchan who already has a number of mobile games to his name for films like Sholay, Ek Ajn ...  | Read.. 
Chirpy Chawla chirps again
Juhi Chawla is all set to mesmerise her fans this time with choreographer-turned-director Ganesh Acharya’s Swami ...  | Read.. 
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Rudebox Robbie Williams EMI; Rs 135 ...  | Read.. 
Only the ‘look’