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Bangla poll chief to go on leave
Bangladesh’s chief election commissioner M.A. Aziz has decided to temporarily step aside to defuse mounting pressure from political parties calling for his dismissal, President Iajuddin Ahmed said late today. ...  | Read.. 
Nepal hails peace pact
Thousands of Nepalis woke up today to the promise of peace and the end of a 12-year civil war. ...  | Read.. 
Breakfast by Merkel
Some things never change. At least not at the Merkels’ breakfast table. ...  | Read.. 
Britney Spears at the 2006 American Music Awards in Los Angeles on Tuesday. (AP)
Bush twin robbed
US and Argentine media reported that one of President George W. Bush’s 24-year-old twin daught..  | Read.. 
Videotape lie
There is no “sex tape” involving pop star Britney Spears and estranged husband Kevin Fed..  | Read..