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Dawood 10 in police hands
Two of Dawood’s men in Mumbai. (Fotocorp)

Mumbai, Nov. 21: In an operation described as a “major blow” to Dawood Ibrahim, Mumbai police today detained 10 of his henchmen running the syndicate’s affairs in Dubai.

Three of them are brothers-in-law of Dawood’s key associate Chhota Shakeel.

Joint commissioner (crime) Meeran Borwankar said: “They were picked up in a special operation with the help of various agencies. The operation was led by deputy commissioner Dhananjay Kamlakar.”

Although the police officially refused to confirm this, crime branch sources said the 10 were part of a group of gangsters detained by Dubai police in a crackdown on November 7 following the sensational murder of a Syrian trader at Dubai’s Burj Al Arab hotel. He was killed in a clash with Russian diamond merchants. A bookie, Raju Bhai, was also killed in Dubai this month.

Borwankar, who heads the crime branch crack teams, was asked if the men were deported by Dubai authorities or extradited. She said: “We cannot reveal any details of the operation. It was conducted by various agencies, and we are in touch with the Interpol.”

News reports had said Qayyum Ansari, a Shakeel aide who handles the gang’s finances, and Shakeel’s brother Anwar were detained in Dubai. The duo was, however, not among the men held today.

Tho 10 men are Anjum Adam Phajalani, 48, Jameel Haji Abdul Jabbar Shaikh Jameel, 31, Shaikh Mohammed Sabir Suleiman, 42, Sayyed Zaqi Mehendi, 39, Mustafa Amin Gulam Mahmood, 31, Shakeel Shaikh Ahmed, 36, Abdul Aziz Ibrahim Dholakia, 50, Arif Abubaqar Shaikh, 43, Mohammed Salim Mohammed Iqbal Qureshi, 33, and Shahid Nathu Qureshi, 33. The last three are married to Shakeel’s sisters.

Phajalani is wanted in the Bollywood-underworld nexus case involving diamond merchant Bharat Shah.

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