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The next great reform
There are reformers in this world, and there are those who enjoy the fruits of reforms; seldom do the two coincide. India is one of those exceptional countries. Manmohan Singh and P. Chidambaram implemented the reforms in the early 1990s; today they...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Lost and found
Sir — One should be thankful that three-year-old Anant Gupta, the kidnapped son of Naresh Gupta, th ...  | Read.. 
Real to reel
Sir — The report, “Munnabhai magic gets PM too” (Nov 18), was interesting since it indicates that a ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir — It seems that one can get away with any kind of indiscretion in India if he has money and pow ...  | Read.. 
In May 2005, Mr Ratan Tata wrote to the minister of communications. He suggested that spectrum for 3G services — broadband se...| Read.. 
There are two ways of looking at the unending political turmoil in Bangladesh. At one level, the street fights and shutdowns ...| Read.. 
Lacuna of new ideas
India has become a desirable destination after many decades of being left out in the cold, unable to compete with smaller cou...  | Read.. 
Selling Tukaram to buy some bread and mince
II. The Kolhapuri...  | Read.. 
The world is made of people who never quite get into the first team and who just miss the prizes at the flower show. — JACOB BRONOWSKI