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On the ramp-edge
ashion trends come and go. But this fashion trend looks steady enough to stay. Yup, there’s no skirting the issue — Calcutta is scaling new heights on the fashion curve. And whoever says that the city is still in the dark ages as far as style is...  | Read.. 
Leisure and lager
This will change the way you guzzle beer. Imagine knocking back the pints, lolling in what can only be labelled as a raucous ...  | Read.. 
My weekend
I don’t believe in rules and the last thing I’d like to have rule-bound is my weekend. I love spending as much time ...  | Read.. 
My first car
Ashmit Patel, actor ...  | Read.. 
Head turner
There are cars and there are cars. Take the Maruti 800 or say the Hyundai Santro or even the Hondas — City, Civic and Accord. ...  | Read.. 
We do not give due credit to the thickeners we all use so readily to give more body to our soups, stews and gravies. But the ...  | Read.. 
On the ramp-edge
Southern sands
Boom Shankar!
Double-edged fun