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Memory can be fickle
In Washington, where the levers of legislative power significantly change hands every two years, memory can be fickle. It would be unfortunate, therefore, if Nancy Pelosi — the dominant public face of the Democratic Party’s success in last week’s Ame...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Little time left
Sir — The former president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, has been sentenced to death for his crimes aga ...  | Read.. 
Late night parties seem to be ending in nightmares more and more frequently in India’s big cities, particularly for those who...| Read.. 
Surveillance is a cold and untrusting word. It belongs to an entirely different universe from words like classroom, playgroun...| Read.. 
Difficult Question
Funny things, plurals. Two weeks ago, I was lamenting the way a few are misused as singular nouns. But a host of singular nou...  | Read.. 
Happiness is more than hugging a hoodie
In the last week of October, a “Battle of Ideas” — organized by the Institute of Ideas — was held at the Royal College of Music in London. The topicality of such a battle in c...  | Read.. 
Every person is destroyed when we cease to see him; after which his next appearance is a new creation, different from that which immediately preceded it, if not from them all. — MARCEL PROUST