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Quota chorus for Dalit Muslims
With the Uttar Pradesh elections around the corner, Muslim MPs and community leaders are building up a case to include Dalit Muslims in the scheduled caste/scheduled tribe category. ...  | Read.. 
Film freebie for kids
From next year, children will get to see films produced by the Children’s Film Society, India (CFSI), for free. ...  | Read.. 
IT union out of sight, not mind
The talk was all about their rights, but the techies chose to remain glued to their workstations while Citu formally unveiled the West Bengal IT Services Association at a ...  | Read.. 
Speak pukka, in Hinglish
Going doolally' Getting too filmi' Being a bit of a bevakoof' ...  | Read.. 
Shield for Bharti
Bharti Yadav, the key witness in the Nitish Katara murder case, will not be given a passport before she returns to India but she has been offered protection from detent ...  | Read.. 
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh sits in front of a portrait of Jawaharlal Nehru at an awards ceremony in New Delhi to mark Children’s Day. (PTI) ...  | Read
Sealing hearing in SC today
25 crates of wine in car
Bus plunge
Monica plea
India, Pak toil on joint terror fight
India and Pakistan have worked out modalities of the anti-terror mechanism, which will be a two..  | Read.. 
Track oil spill before it swamps Sunderbans
A software method developed by Indian oceanographers to predict the movement of oil spills towa..  | Read.. 
Split voices in rival ranks
Political boundaries were clearly marked today in the d ...  | Read.. 

Money' Not for me, honey
Money isn’t always welcome, Aishwarya Rai will tell you ...  | Read.. 

States gun for police law
A draft law that aims to free police from political con ...  | Read.. 

Fare hike beeps on air radar
Most airlines in the country are expected to raise pass ...  | Read.. 

Creamy layer war hots up
The Centre has decided to seek the attorney-general ...  | Read.. 

Arunachal chill before Hu visit
A diplomatic row erupted between Delhi and Beijing toda ...  | Read.. 

Wedding vows end sound of silence
They live in a world where sound cannot enter. The sile ...  | Read.. 

Defence push for private funds
India’s defence research outfit has asked the gove ...  | Read..