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Beaten Bush in Iraq policy confession
President George W. Bush conceded today that his Iraq policy was “not working well enough, fast enough,” after announcing that defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld was stepping down. ...  | Read.. 
Pelosi, the tornado
When Republican prospects looked bleak ahead of congressional elections, party leaders would try to rally their supporters with a two-word warning of what a Democratic victor ...  | Read.. 
Hillary weighs bid
Democratic Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, widely believed to be weighing a bid for the White House, won re-election yesterday to a second term in the US Senate. ...  | Read.. 
Minnesota sends first Muslim to Capitol
Voters elected a black Democrat as the first Muslim in Congress yesterday after a race in which he advocated quick US withdrawal from Iraq and made little mention of his fait ...  | Read.. 
Return of the Terminator
California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger won re-election by a landslide after distancing himself from fellow Republican President George W. Bush and taking a moderate stance ...  | Read.. 
45 civilians killed by army: Tigers
Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger rebels said 45 civilians were killed and 125 hurt today when army artillery fire hit a camp for internally displaced, as renewed civil war deepen ...  | Read.. 
President Bush at the news conference in the White House on Wednesday. (AP)
Beaten Bush in Iraq policy confession
Blast kills 42 Pak soldiers
A cloaked suicide bomber today sprang the most audacious attack yet on the Pakistan army, charg..  | Read.. 
Brown grilled over honours scandal
Finance minister Gordon Brown, Britain’s premier-in-waiting, has been contacted by police inve..  | Read.. 
Christmas to be costly
Christmas cheer will be a little more expensive in Europe t ...  | Read..