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The steth — fading out
If you just bought a doctor’s kit for your child, you will probably need to buy the same toy again very soon. The new set will come without its best-known instrument — the stethoscope. That’s because a slew of new-age diagnostic equipment is endangering the future of the stethoscope. ...  | Read.. 
The planet hunter
A star-struck Oriya lad is going great guns at America’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa). Born in 1955 in tribal-dominated G ...  | Read.. 
The steth — fading out
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If Indians and the Chinese buy more cell phones than anyone else in the world, that also makes them among the world’s largest consumers of rechargeable batteries. As more desktop computers are replaced by laptops, there is increasing need for su ...  | Read.. 
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It’s the environment, stupid
Our DNA need not necessarily decide our destiny. Geneticists are now putting together concrete evidence to show that the environment we live in influences our heredity as much as it does our health. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the food ...  | Read.. 
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The next generation of safety devices will be automated, with vehicle-to-vehicle communication providing the possibility of a crash-free future...  | Read.. 
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You Gain 5 to 10 Pounds During the Holidays...  | Read.. 
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The Science Of Good and Evil Michael Shermer Owl Books (NY); $16.00...  | Read.. 
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