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Mysore masala, served stale
Birth certificate issued to Fahad alias Mohammed Koya in Mysore
Hussein’s driving licence, also issued in Mysore

Oct. 28: The police’s version of the arrest of two militants on Friday, allegedly after a gunfight on a Mysore street, came under a cloud today with eyewitnesses and intelligence sources saying they had been picked up a fortnight ago.

Mohammed Fahad’s landlady, Suvarna, and neighbours in Mysore said a policeman had come to the house to check on the residents on the pretext that some of them had applied for passports. He had returned with more cops the next day and arrested Fahad.

Central intelligence sources confirmed this, adding that the other “terrorist”, Mohammed Ali Hussein, was held on the Kerala-Karnataka border around the same time.

They added that both men were then brought to Bangalore. After questioning, they were sent to Mysore for a case to be registered.

Neighbours said three men staying as the duo’s guests for the past two months had vanished after Fahad’s arrest.

The police’s claim about the time of the arrests — 12.15 am — was always in doubt because of the enormous details and seizures they had showcased before the media barely seven hours later. Some local newspapers had reported the arrests and most other details on Friday morning itself.

The police brass were unavailable for comment.

Although parts of the police version are in doubt, Islamabad has, rather unusually, not yet reacted to the claims about the two men’s Pakistani nationality.

The Telegraph can confirm there’s an upscale neighbourhood called North Nazimabad in Karachi, with an F sector. Police had yesterday given Fahad’s address in Karachi as 314 Block F, North Nizambad, and his passport number as AA8179481. There is indeed an “AA” series among the passports issued by the Karachi regional office.

Hussein’s address of Aaptaba in Mansehra couldn’t be traced but sources in Delhi said the place could actually be Abbotabad.

Fahad had managed to secure a birth certificate from the Mysore City Corporation under the alias of Mohammed Koya, and Hussein a driving licence from the Mysore regional transport office.

In northern Kozhikode, Kerala, from where Fahad’s father Md Koya had migrated to Karachi in 1971 and changed his name to Md Hai, the police searched the homes of Fahad’s stepmother Mariyumma and his aunts.

Fatima, one of the aunts, said Hai and Fahad had visited her a few months ago. Another aunt, Kutteebi, said the duo had left an envelope with another of Hai’s sisters. Some people had come to receive it five days ago.

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