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Like many in his loan-shy generation, Abhay Mondal saved up all his working life as a government employee to build a dream house. Then, he passed away, leaving behind his widow alone at home. Their son chose to settle in Mumbai. ...  | Read.. 
A Paris puzzle for Calcutta
The immediate environment of pedestrian plazas contributes a lot towards their success or failure. All successful plazas have a strong definable edge, which is either a series ...  | Read.. 
Jen opts for a $15-m den
Jennifer Aniston is making her first home purchase since she and Brad Pitt parted ways. ...  | Read.. 
Sound advice for making office noise-free
Noise is usually defined as any disturbing sound. In practice, it is referred to as ‘sound’ when pleasant, and ‘noise’ when annoying. ...  | Read.. 
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