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The Hes and the Qius
Heiliangjiang is a little hamlet of eight families high up in the mountains of Shaanxi province in China. Five bear the family name He. Only one is Qiu. The Qius moved in after the land reforms of the 1950s, presumably because they had lost their lan...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Bad blood
Sir — It barely seems credible that the tampering of blood sample checking kits by Govind Sarda cou ...  | Read.. 
Viewing problems
Sir — Sumit Mitra (“The business of pleasure”, Aug 9) thinks that the proposed Immoral Traffic (Pre ...  | Read.. 
The idea of a ‘creamy layer’ seems to assume the notion of easy separability. It acknowledges the existence of an elite among...| Read.. 
A s far as peace moves are concerned, Sri Lanka seems to be taking two steps backward for every step forward. The Sri Lankan ...| Read.. 
Mindless and uncouth
The dumbed down press was in evidence the other afternoon at a rather deft and exciting game of polo. All the cameras were di...  | Read.. 
How to conduct a geo-political orchestra
Shinzo Abe’s accession to premiership in Japan accurately expresses and symbolizes the new Japan that has been in the making over the last few years under the tutelage of his ...  | Read.. 
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