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Pritish Nandy

You believe she is from Venus, or you would prefer her from Planet Metrosexual' I’d take her irrespective of where she came from and what her sexual preferences are. Maybe, she could teach me an Alien trick or two.

Does any filmstar fit your vision of the babe you would have liked to marry or, would want to date now' Marriage is too far-fetched and too boring an idea. There are many I’d like to date. Some for their beauty, some for their amazing talent, some for their sheer quirkiness.

Or, maybe, some female director or Bollywood babe with brains' If brains were what I was looking for, I would be dating Stephen Hawking. You don’t power a Vertu with gobar gas.

Which starlet would you NOT kiss even if you were given the moon to do so' Why' Bobby Darling and KJo. I prefer to know what I am getting into.

What would you look for in her in a party or at the Puja pandal before you decided to take her home for late-night coffee' Audacity, audacity and more audacity. Remember Regis Debray’s motto for the true blue guerrilla' The more audacious she is, the more attractive.

After coffee do you think it would a good idea to let her keep her brain under the pillow, or make intellectual love to you' After coffee' I thought coffee was just a euphemism. Caffeine’s not an answer. Sex is. Irrespective of where it starts from, the brain or somewhere way below.

Do you look to be mothered by your date' Sometimes. After a hard day’s night. Maybe...

Would your ideal woman be a poet, a film personality, a rich socialite, or what' A gorgeous woman is a gorgeous woman, irrespective. Venus or Mars, a party or a pandal, whether she comes off a screen or walks out from your neighbour’s flat. Her profession or her wealth has nothing to do with it.

You think an artiste has a license to ‘kill’, have a legal muse — or should also be reined in by societal norms' Every braveheart breaks every rule. Sex is unconditional, driven by the impossible dream.

If you caught your girl making a play for Parvez Musharraf or Bill Clinton in a social do, how would you react' Why would any self-respecting girl who has me for a date make a play for such dead bores'

How would YOU react if she caught YOU making a play for Benazir Bhutto or Hillary Clinton in a similar situation' In the first place, I wouldn’t. My taste in women are different. I like discovering a woman, not reading an open book.

What would be your sureshot pick-up line, and why do you think it would work' ‘You are beautiful.’ Like all great lines, it’s simple and effective. James Blunt has lent it a new edge.

If you caught her having an extramarital affair, would you say Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna' I am the married one, remember' I encourage all beautiful married women to occasionally stray. It keeps their marriage safe.

What’s the Pyar Ka Side Effect that impacted you the most' Sherawat. She rocks!

Anil Grover

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