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Youths ransack power office
- Local club hooks electricity for bijoya gathering

Siliguri, Oct. 9: Members of a city club went overboard with their midnight revelry yesterday when they ransacked a sub-station of the state electricity board following power failure.

The members of Subrata Sangha had organised a musical concert as part of their bijoya sammilani programme.

Trouble began around 10 last night when there was a power failure, which in all probability resulted owing to the club overdrawing electricity. Following the power cut, some members of the organising committee reportedly ransacked the Deshbandhupara substation of the state electricity board in the area.

“Two staff members on duty were assaulted,” said Lyton Bhowmick, WBSEB’s divisional engineer. “We called police to control the rampaging youths, some of whom were drunk. But even after a police team arrived at the spot, the boys, around 20-25 of them, continued to drink alcohol.” According to Bhowmick, some of them walked into their residential quarters and even hurled abuse at the women who came out to see what the commotion was all about.

An FIR was lodged by the WBSEB authorities with the Siliguri police station late last night.

The power supply was restored within an hour and the party on the Terai Tarapada High School premises resumed at full volume once again. Several Deshbandhupara residents also complained of the loud noise disturbing their sleep, but to no avail.

Bhowmick said the club members had not applied for electricity connection for the programme. “They are guilty of hooking power for which we will take penal action against them,” he added.

Partha Saha, the secretary of Subrata Club, however, said the club had not stolen power. Apparently, they had drawn power from the school, where they held the concert.

Saha, however, admitted that a few members of the club were guilty of behaving in a rowdy manner. “Though most of the accused were outsiders, we cannot deny that some of boys were also involved,” he said. “We have apologised to the WBSEB officials already.”

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