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Recruitment policy for management trainees

We recruit graduates from engineering colleges located in and around Aurangabad.

Mid-career recruitment

We generally promote employees to higher ranks. However, if sufficient talent is not available, we advertise on job portals or use consultants and contacts.


Apart from the regular pay package, we have different perquisites for employees. The retirement age is 58 years. We donít have a contractual system.

Postings/ transfers

We have plants located in Aurangabad and Karzan, Gujarat. For marketing, we have locations in Delhi, Bombay, Hyderabad and Chennai. Candidates are generally recruited for a particular location only. However, one may get transferred if required.

Special facilities

We offer several unique benefits to our employees.

Jobs on offer right now

At present, we donít have any major vacancy, but we are planning to add some new departments soon.

Address: 30 Community Centre, Saket, New Delhi 110017

Phone: +911126863968



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