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Solving murders through insects
Jayanti, a 14-year-old sex worker, lay in a pool of blood along a highway in a north Indian state. Her autopsy revealed that her death was due to multiple head and neck injuries inflicted with a sharp object. Jayanti had last been spotted alive four days ago with a 30-year old army sergeant, the pri...  | Read.. 
Rigged in favour of life
Albert Einstein is famous for remarking that what most interested him was whether God had any choice in the nature of his creation. By this, Einstein ...  | Read.. 
Solving murders through insects
Say cheese
Hotter is better
Sniffer weeds
Alarm bells
Of PCs and viruses
Snapping into the world of digital images
It is still possible, just possible, to buy black and white photographic film; it is a lot harder to find a studio that will process such film. It may not yet be as hard to buy a film camera but in a short while they may also be the preserve of only ...  | Read.. 
Wheel deal
Tiny battery
Itís a brainwave!
In a South London clinic, a young girl is sitting with an electrode attached to her scalp, staring intently at a computer screen. Ever so often there is a ping and on the screen, which shows a simple graphic of sea and sky; another bird appears, hove ...  | Read.. 
When diagnosis is cure
My heels hurt
Stronger, cheaper wood-plastic mix
LEADing to injury
On textile hygiene
Way to check heart attacks
Recommended: Exploring the food chain
Omnivoreís dilemma Michael Pollan Penguin Press HC; $ 26.95...  | Read.. 
Who says only companies outsource'
Outsourcing is found in nature too ó look no further than a lowly marine worm, reports T.V. Jayan...  | Read.. 
Reality Check
Chlorine in drinking water can increase the risk of cancer...  | Read.. 
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Whycanít we go back in time'
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