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Sensible approach
For many years, a truly agreeable meal in London meant only one thing for me: lunch at the Grill Room in The Connaught. A combination of what a friend used to call an “honest meal”, a not too outrageously-priced wine list and a charming ambience made...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Measure for measure
Sir — “Azad pardon plea for Afzal” (Sept 30) is nothing but a narrow sectarian approach, placating ...  | Read.. 
More than meets the eye
Sir — Swapan Dasgupta, in his article, “Pastoral disquiet” (Sept 22), has rightly observed that the ...  | Read.. 
Sir — Contrary to the report, “Church schools in breakaway chant” (Sept 20), I believe that we have ...  | Read.. 
Does a city running on compressed natural gas and sycophancy require mosquitoes to play the great leveller' Perhaps not. But ...| Read.. 
Political rivalries in India often blur the distinction between politics and governance. The most significant point about the...| Read.. 
Disease in the polity
Dengue and Chikunguniya are as dreaded today as tuberculosis and polio, small pox and malaria were in the not-so-distant past...  | Read.. 
I am only half there when I am ill, and so there is only half a man to suffer. To suffer in one’s whole self is so great a violation, that it is not to be endured. — D.H. LAWRENCE
Tailored truths
In the Line of Fire: A Memoir By Pervez Musharraf, Simon & Schuster...  | Read.. 
Search behind the screen
Reading The East India Company, 1720-1840: Colonial Currencies of Gender B...  | Read.. 
Story of a failed state
Bangladesh: Treading the Taliban Trail Edited by Jaideep Saikia, Visio...  | Read.. 
Too much publicity kills
The basics first. Successful marketing of books depends upon collaboration ...  | Read.. 
Stand up for the loved ones
Inter-Religious Marriages Among Muslims: Negotiating Religious and Social...  | Read.. 

Memories by the river