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Shadow of dengue on PM family
Two grandsons of the Prime Minister have been admitted to the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences with suspected dengue. ...  | Read.. 
RJD eyes spoils of Koda coup
The four vacant ministerial slots are likely to be filled up by tomorrow or the day after, sources close to chief minister Madhu Koda claimed today. ...  | Read.. 
Sharmila takes fight to capital
Manipurís most persistent crusader against the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, Irom Sharmila, slipped out of Imphal unnoticed barely 12 hours after being freed from p ...  | Read.. 
Land zoning for industry & farming
In the backdrop of the controversy over land acquisition for the Tata Motorsí factory in Singur, the Bengal government said today that it would separate out areas for industry and agriculture. ...  | Read.. 
Nobel, it runs in Kornberg genes
Roger wins chemistry prize nearly 50 years after father
American Roger D. Kornberg, whose father won a Nobel prize nearly 50 years ago, was awarded the prize in chemistry today for showing how cells copy genes, a process essentia ...  | Read.. 
A man walks past a row of idle auto-rickshaws in Bangalore, where a forced shutdown on the Belgaum issue on Wednesday angered the infotech industry en ...  | Read
Iím still shaking. I hope I will be able to calm down shortly

after winning the chemistry Nobel
Tongue Twister:
Eat what comes naturally

I canít remember which famous man of letters said that there were three kinds of lies ó lies; damn l ...  | Read..
Teen dead in car
A teenager was found dead in a car with its air-conditioner running late tonight at New Alipore ...  | Read..