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Bush tough act on terror gets Senate vote
The US Senate has given final approval to a bill for tough interrogation and prosecution of terrorism suspects, as President George W. Bush prevailed after a series of setbacks on his detainee policies. ...  | Read.. 
Article fury
A French teacher hiding from Islamist death threats today said he had been abandoned by the education ministry and had to arrange his own safe houses when police bodyguards m ...  | Read.. 
Note scare
Dry cleaners find all kinds of things hiding in the clothes of their customers — but probably nothing quite like what some employees stumbled across recently. ...  | Read.. 
Age no bar at work: rule in Britain
The British government hopes legislation banning age discrimination in the workplace from this weekend will also change cultural attitudes, trade and industry secretary Alis ...  | Read.. 
Flight feud over perfume
Federal agents questioned two airline passengers after a dispute that began when one of them sprayed the person sitting next to him with perfume. ...  | Read.. 
Anousheh Ansari waves shortly after landing in northern Kazakhstan on Friday. (AP)
Have a baby, get year off
German lawmakers today approved plans to grant parents up to 14 months of paid leave to look after ..  | Read.. 
Space tour: once is not enough
The world’s first woman space tourist, Iranian-born Anousheh Ansari, returned to earth today, ..  | Read..