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What does Hillary share with Madonna' A record
Madonna’s pay-packet, Janet Jackson’s malfunctioning wardrobe, Hillary Clinton’s memoirs and Sigourney Weaver’s height all have one thing in common — they’re world record breakers....  | Read.. 
Word from Milan: Din on thin is boring
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Surgeon puts spirit over body
The man widely credited with inventing modern plastic surgery argued that people today are obsessed with physical beauty and ...  | Read.. 
A fortune to get rid of pigeons
London mayor Ken Livingstone came under fire today over the cost of his efforts to rid Trafalgar Square of pigeons by using ...  | Read.. 
Take the plunge
Cliff jumping and fun' You bet. Much as you shake your head at the unnerving thought, you can’t shake the sport away. It’s the latest in the adventure sport bandwago...  | Read.. 
Actress Nicole Kidman launches a breast cancer awareness drive in London on Friday. (AP)