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ĎI live an extreme lifeí
Donít lots of men do that' They do it all the time. Itís a dialogue you carry on all your life. But I didnít want to do it. Ultimately, Iím a taxi on hire. If someone says take me to Santa Cruz, I take him there. In real life, I&...  | Read.. 
ĎEven Hollywood is scouting for Indian talents.í
Why do you believe that Indians havenít yet crossed over to international cinema' Because we...  | Read.. 
TV this week
Latika ó Tiger Princess ...  | Read.. 
Star Vs Zee
Itís a classic case of TRP-hijacking. Zeeís prized serial, Betiyann, which goes on air next week has suppose ...  | Read.. 
To keep pace with the Reshammiyas of the world Anu Malik has gone back to school. Yes, thatís the spirit! Anu is keen on ...  | Read.. 
Painter Rabindranath (Channel B; DVD Rs 299) is a collectors& ...  | Read.. 
} Eka Jajabor is Indranil Senís Puja offering this year. This album is a nice mix of folk based and raga based so ...  | Read.. 
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ĎI live an extreme life
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