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Pick an athlete by finger
Girls with the potential to become the next Paula Radcliffe or Dame Kelly Holmes could be identified at a young age by examining the length of their fingers, researchers say. ...  | Read.. 
City life laid bare
Narendranath Mitra’s Mahanagar is more popular than the story by the same name penned by Premendra Mitra. Except for the urban backdrop, the stories are as differe...  | Read.. 
Last but not the Liszt
They say roots make a man. Stephen Masi, an Italian residing in the US, remains, thankfully, an Italian. He teaches piano. But, one reckons, he plays it better. This was incon...  | Read.. 
Welcoming the goddess
The soaring spirits of the metro’s lone gharanedaar Ladies Music Circle did not get deterred by the heavily soaked and virtually choked evening of September 22. It...  | Read.. 
Long way to go
Malhar magic
Imaginative angles
Actress Kate Beckinsale at the UK premiere of her new film Click in central London on Wednesday. (AP)