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A Pakistani reminisces
Kuli Khan sent his son, Mohammad Aslam Khan, to Oxford in 1928. There he made friends with S.S. Dhawan of Dera, Ismail Khan and the Sheikhzada of Mangrol in Kathiawar, amongst others. With his Pathan friends he formed a Khyber Union; he published a p...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
One more time
Sir — Is anyone surprised at the way India crashed out of the DLF Cup in Kuala Lumpur' I am not. Do ...  | Read.. 
Festival under water
Sir — Durga Puja is only a few days away. But the festive spirit seems to have been washed out by t ...  | Read.. 
Centres of higher education should cease to be death-traps for students and teachers. The Supreme Court’s acceptance of the L...| Read.. 
The collapse of the peace initiative is a sad story for Assam. After many years there were faint hopes of an end to the state...| Read.. 
On The Right Track
Sonia Gandhi has yet again shown that she is in control of her party and of the direction that the UPA must take in policy ma...  | Read.. 
Thoughts on a worldwide education mart
It was only after I finished writing for The Telegraph on “Education in Twenty-first Century India — Promises to keep, tasks left to do” that I saw the commerce ministr...  | Read.. 
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