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Scared to break up' Call the Terminator
Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner play a bickering couple in War of the Roses who go to great lengths to drive each other out of the house

Berlin, Sept. 24: From seemingly solid marriages to quick flings and illicit affairs, a phone call or a knock from Bernd Dressler is guaranteed to kill the romance stone dead.

Hence the growing number of clients for his new “separation agency” — informing unsuspecting spouses and lovers their partners no longer want them. For those too scared to break the bad news themselves, the 52-year-old former insurance man will deliver the bullet with Teutonic efficiency, charging $20 by phone and from $50 upwards for a “personalised” home visit.

“I am just the messenger,” said Dressler, whose Berlin-based business has earned him the nickname The Terminator.

“People go to dating agencies to find a lover. By helping unhappy couples to split up, I am offering the same kind of service, but in reverse,” he says.

Beginning with a “let’s stay friends” arrangement — involving a “sensitive phone call”, Dressler offers four different termination packages.

At the deluxe end of the scale he will administer a “Personal Termination Call” including a detailed explanation as to why his client has decided to end the relationship.

The follow-up service includes discreetly collecting a client’s belongings from a former lover’s home.

Since he started his agency last July, he has received more than 200 inquiries and enabled 120 to terminate the liaisons.

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