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Trio in cry for council berth & nuke ‘right’
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Pervez Musharraf are likely to meet in Havana on Friday, PTI quoted the Pakistan foreign office as saying. The meeting was earlier expected on Saturday

Brasilia, Sept. 14: India, Brazil and South Africa have agreed that no reform of the UN would be complete without a decision on the expansion of the Security Council.

The three countries want an expanded Security Council to include developing nations from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

A joint declaration at the end of the India-Brazil-South Africa (Ibsa) summit yesterday identified a wide range of trilateral and global issues on which the three countries proposed to adopt common approaches.

They called for a diplomatic resolution of the Iran nuclear issue within the context of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

While supporting the states’ “inalienable right” to peaceful application of nuclear energy in accordance with international legal obligations, they underlined the need for reducing the role of nuclear weapons in strategic doctrines.

The three countries reiterated the importance of ensuring that any multilateral decision related to the nuclear fuel cycle does not undermine the states’ right to pursue nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

Much of the deliberations at the Ibsa summit and at the India-Brazil bilateral talks focused on the issue of energy security. India and South Africa appreciated the initiative launched by Brazil — the Biofuels Forum — to “articulate and consolidate common objectives, including the transformation of bioethanol into an energy commodity”.

The summit decided to create a Trilateral Task Force on Biofuels to work on “concrete areas of common interest”.

The Doha round of WTO talks also featured prominently both in the discussions and in the joint declaration. They regretted that the Doha Development Agenda discussions had been suspended. It was a serious setback, the declaration said, to the development promises of the Doha round and a disappointment for countries.

As members of the G20, India, Brazil and South Africa put up a united front on the issue of “trade-distorting policies”. They promised to make all efforts to resume the negotiations.

The declaration unequivocally condemned terrorism in all its forms.

President Lula of Brazil and President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa expressed their outrage at the recent “barbaric terrorist attacks” carried out in Mumbai and other parts of India.

The summit called upon UN members to seriously work to expedite the finalisation of the text of a comprehensive convention that had been proposed at the 60th session of the General Assembly.

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