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Mocking the man
Indians love anniversaries so much that they invent them. Historians are agreed that there is not a shred of evidence to declare September 7, 2006 to be the centenary of Vande Mataram. But someone — nobody is owning responsibility — decided th...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Villain of the piece
Sir — Marco Materazzi’s comments during the World Cup finals, whatever they might have been, still ...  | Read.. 
Hand in glove
Sir — Nowadays, no crime is committed without the knowledge of the police or the politician. Howev ...  | Read.. 
A dazed Malegaon, which just saw two blasts inside and outside a mosque kill 38 and injure hundreds, can read the signals jus...| Read.. 
Singing along
All the minister’s men
Everybody likes a junket
It’s cold in the hills
Gift of the powerpoint
New hates and old loves
In England you have to know people very intimately indeed before they tell you about the rust in their Volvo. It has never surprised me that there are fifty million Roman Catholics in America, and nearly as many psychiatrists: bean-spilling is the national mania. — ALAN COREN
Be a virgin again
The woman who came to Dr Indrani Lodh’s chamber in Calcutta seemed embarrassed. She took some time coming to the point —...  | Read..