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Quo vadis West Bengal'
The simultaneous appearance of two news items in The Telegraph (August 19) symbolizes a debate that is baffling the state of West Bengal. The first of these is euphoric in its announcement that the overhead light rail transit project for Calcu...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
The people’s director
Sir — If R.K. Laxman depicted the life of the common man through his cartoons, Hrishikesh Mukherjee ...  | Read.. 
For a breath of fresh air
Sir — The Calcutta corporation should consider steps to reduce congestion and the lack of greenery ...  | Read.. 
The Bharatiya Janata Party treated its arrival on Raisina Hill as an occasion for a party; for the first five years in power,...| Read.. 
Old age gives rise to possibly the quietest and most invisible form of helplessness in modern urban society. The dissolution ...| Read.. 
Invent another crisis
The United Nations security council deadline for Iran to stop producing enriched uranium expired on August 31, and UN secreta...  | Read.. 
Area of profit and problems
Special economic zones are the flavour of the season on the Indian economic landscape. Following the passing of the SEZ Act last year, there is a mad rush of applications to e...  | Read.. 
Understanding a painful history
Dear Mr Adamowicz, I thank you for your letter and for the confidence that you have reposed in me even in this present situation. Even before my latest book, Peeling Onions...  | Read.. 
Say what you will, there is something fine about our old aristocracy. I’ll bet Trotsky couldn’t hit a moving secretary with an egg on a dark night. — P. G. WODEHOUSE