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Lanka aid murder slur
International ceasefire monitors blamed Sri Lankan troops today for the killing of 17 aid workers during fighting with Tamil tiger rebels earlier in the month. ...  | Read.. 
London given a Kashmir label
London, which is already called “Londonistan” in some circles, could also be disparagingly nicknamed “Kashmir on the Thames”, it was suggested by a writer ...  | Read.. 
Stellar blast
Teams of international scientists have used observations from Nasa’s Swift satellite and other telescopes to witness the evolution of a cosmic blast into a stellar explo ...  | Read.. 
Bugti fury flares in Pak
Suspected militants blew up a railway line in Pakistan’s gas-rich Baluchistan province today while elsewhere, a protest turned violent as anger over the killing of a nat ...  | Read.. 
US entrepreneur Anousheh Ansari, who is a crew member of the next Russian manned mission to the International Space Station, at a news conference in S ...  | Read
Shakira hips don’t lie for NY mayor
Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who uses his iPod mostly for studying Spanish, made a powerful endorsement..  | Read.. 
Laureate Mahfouz dies
Egyptian novelist Naguib Mahfouz, the only writer in Arabic to win the Nobel Prize for literature, ..  | Read..