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Licensed to sneer
For those interested, let’s take an informal poll. Which, for you, was the most infuriating moment in the whole sordid drama leading to the lynching/guillotining of the final Test between England and Pakistan' I can answer only for myself: it was the...  | Read.. 
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Food for thought
Sir — Calcutta’s restaurants are famous for their sumptuous spread on various festive occasions. Bu ...  | Read.. 
House warming
Sir — The steep hike in the salaries and allowances of members of parliament means a bigger hole in ...  | Read.. 
In corporate affairs and in other areas, the need is for more, not less, professionalization. Such a need is belied by the ap...| Read.. 
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The Italian connection
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Where madam is the boss
Who’s the closest of them all'
In the wings, patience is the key
It’s a commonplace that you can always tell which couples in a restaurant are married to each other because they are eating in silence ... It’s not that they have nothing to say to each other, but that it doesn’t have to be said. Being happily married means that you don’t have to perform marriage, you just live in it like a fish lives in the sea. — DAVID LODGE
No sex please, we’re Indian
A government rule and the Bombay High Court order banning adult content in most television programmes has raised a huge rumpus, reports Shuchi Bansal ...  | Read..