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“Who do you write for'” For the last 30 years — since I first became a writer — this is the question I’ve heard most often from both readers and journalists. Their motives depend on the time and the place, as do the things they wish to know. But they...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Party pooper
Sir — The report, “Party to help draw land map for govt” (Aug 8), is the latest proof of how a poli ...  | Read.. 
Right to defence
Sir — Ashok Mitra’s hurried analysis of recent events in west Asia portrays just one side of the st ...  | Read.. 
An actor is often judged on the way he says his exit lines. What is true for the stage is true for life also. The art of sayi...| Read.. 
With a little help
The soup thickens
Stem of hope
Thin red line
Pop or the fizz'
Sen and sensitivity
The underlying motive of many Socialists, I believe, is simply a hypertrophied sense of order. The present state of affairs offends them not because it causes misery, still less because it makes freedom impossible, but because it is untidy; what they desire, basically, is to reduce the world into something of a chessboard. — GEORGE ORWELL
The secret world of gigolos
It’s after midnight and Paul, a 24-year-old man prowling the beachfront of downtown Mumbai, knows he’s finally got ...  | Read..