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Beirut pleads for end of war
Israeli air strikes killed 14 villagers in south Lebanon today as Beirut pleaded for a swift end to Israelís war with Hizbollah guerrillas that has cost up to 1,000 Lebanese and 100 Israeli lives in four weeks. ...  | Read.. 
Born in conflict, baby lies abandoned
Only two hours old, baby Raad fought for his life in an ambulance that screamed along a treacherous, bombed-out stretch of road out of the heart of southern Lebanonís wa ...  | Read.. 
Joint Nepal letter to UN planned
The Nepal government today announced that a joint letter, bearing the signatures of Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and Maoist chief Prachanda, would be sent to the ...  | Read.. 
Twin lives
Doctors successfully completed 26 hours of separation and reconstruction surgery on a pair of 4-year-old conjoined twins, who will now face medical challenges and separate li ...  | Read.. 
Tired Lohan seeks Iraq trip
Apparently a bit tired of her party-girl image, Lindsay Lohan says she wants to go to Iraq with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and entertain American troops there. ...  | Read.. 
UK patient loses right to live case
A terminally-ill patient has lost the last stage of a legal challenge for the right to receive nutrition and drink when he is close to death, his lawyers said on today. ...  | Read.. 
A girl looks at a giant embroidered shoe in Duyun City, southwest China, on Monday. The shoe is 3.22 meters long and 1.25 meters wide. (AP)
Janet expose
Paul police
Ape alarm
Thai ban
Jackson stumbles on plot to ruin him
Pop star Michael Jackson has stumbled across a conspiracy by former attorneys, associates and advis..  | Read.. 
Future anxiety eases in Cuba
Public anxiety in Cuba over the future appeared to be easing today eight days after veteran Leftist..  | Read.. 
Scan evidence
Ultrasound disrupts the brain development of unborn mice, U ...  | Read.. 

Mystery over aid staff deaths
Some family members of 17 Sri Lankan aid workers found exec ...  | Read.. 

3-yr-old killed in Colombo blast
A car bomb exploded in Colombo today, killing two people, i ...  | Read..