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Intelligence and effort
The government’s recent move to expand numerical quotas in the Central universities and institutions for teaching and research in engineering, management and medicine in favour of the other backward classes has led to much acrimony and some abusive e...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Girls just wanna have fun
Sir — Parents across the country should join hands in protesting against the harassment of the thre ...  | Read.. 
By any measure, it is Bengal’s biggest leap forward into the future. The state government’s agreement with the Salim group of...| Read.. 
The Lebanese village of Qana is not a place of weddings, miracles and saviours any more. It has just buried 54 civilians, inc...| Read.. 
Aliens on home turf
The colonial rulers had decided to create a promenade parallel to the Hooghly during the raj. That is the history behi...  | Read.. 
View from the underground
In the midst of all the groping around about who could have masterminded the July 11 blasts in Mumbai, came the written observation of the city’s police chief that the explosi...  | Read.. 
Defining conflict and justice
The DC Circuit ruled that Common Article 3 is inapplicable to Hamdan because the conflict with al Qaeda is international in scope and thus not a “conflict not of an internatio...  | Read.. 
One out of four people in this country is mentally unbalanced. Think of your three closest friends — and if they seem okay then you’re the one! — ANN LANDERS