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Work for peace, Bush urges Syria
President George W. Bush today urged Syria to become an active participant for peace in West Asia. ...  | Read.. 
Indians entertain on gala night
Indian diplomats performed a Bollywood skit that took a dig at North Korea and Pakistan’s rogue nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan at the annual gala dinner o ...  | Read.. 
Russian tennis superstar Maria Sharapova watches American ace Andy Roddick play in a Los Angeles tournament on Thursday. According to media rumours, ...  | Read
Doyle home
When Arthur Conan Doyle was told in 1893 that his wife, who was suffering from tuberculosis, had o..  | Read.. 
Vaccine being tested to help smokers quit
Doctors are testing a radical new way to help smokers quit: a shot that “immunises” them ..  | Read..