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The miracle maker
The fixation of Bengalis with the 19th century is not difficult to understand: it was during this century the empire the British built rained its favours on them. The Permanent Settlement spawned the bhadralok; surplus mercilessly squeezed fro...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Too little, too late
Sir ' Sukanta Chaudhuri's article ,'Road to dereliction'(July 19), was very informative. However, ...  | Read.. 
Less transparent
Sir ' It is unfortunate that the Union cabinet has compromised its biggest achievement thus far ' ...  | Read.. 
The 12th finance commission cautioned against a pay commission once every ten years. States petitioned the TFC that the 6th p...| Read.. 
Mopping up the English-language mess will be a difficult affair for the West Bengal government. The deeply misjudged and wron...| Read.. 
With full force
Hizbollah certainly started the fight (by crossing Israel's border and taking two soldiers hostage), but it is not clear that...  | Read.. 
Their story on a placard
For students of political and cultural history, the contemporary Indian women's movement is a nightmare. Engrossed in street-level protests or in launching aggressive campaign...  | Read.. 
Attempts to find the truth
The Government's argument that '1005(e)(1) and (h) repeal this Court's jurisdiction to review the decision below is rebutted by ordinary principles of statutory construction....  | Read.. 
It is not what they built. It is what they knocked down./ It is not the houses. It is the spaces between the houses. ' JAMES FENTON