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Troops take control of Lebanese village
Hundreds of Israeli troops moved in and out of Lebanon today, taking control of a village and engaging Hizbollah militants by land, sea and air as part of the country’s limited ground campaign. ...  | Read.. 
Rivals find peace in the universe
Peace reigns at least at the Miss Universe 2006 contest, where beauties Miss Lebanon and Miss Israel are the “best of friends” despite the fighting between the two ...  | Read.. 
Trick turns PCs into zombies
Computer hackers built a fake Google tool bar website to trick people into downloading a malicious programme that could turn machines into “zombies,” a US Internet ...  | Read.. 
Disease fear in wave-hit Java areas
Fears of disease grew in Indonesia's tsunami-hit areas today as thousands of people camped out in the heat with no clean water five days after the disaster that killed n ...  | Read.. 
NY in dark over blackouts
A blackout in the New York city borough of Queens entered its sixth day today with more bad news: mayor Mike Bloomberg said some 15,000 to 20,000 utility customers were still ...  | Read.. 
Hilary Swank at San Diego, California, to promote her new film The Reaping. Swank won two best actress Oscars for her roles in Boys Don't Cr ...  | Read
Dollar habit
Calista TV
Walk in space for $35 million
You do not have to be an astronaut anymore to experience the out-of-this-world freedom of walking i..  | Read.. 
$100 million fortune' Salma smirks
Mexican big-screen siren Salma Hayek yesterday dismissed as nonsense reports that she has a $100 mi..  | Read..