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Human error as lethal as wave
Within minutes of the earthquake, regional tsunami centres warned it had the potential to send a deadly wave speeding toward Indonesia. ...  | Read.. 
No sign of diplomacy as bombs rain on W. Asia
Israeli warplanes battered Lebanon today, killing 31 people, and more Hizbollah rockets hit northern Israel, killing one, with no sign that diplomacy would halt the week-old ...  | Read.. 
Israelis: Just smash them
Israelis want their army to smash Hizbollah, pure and simple. ...  | Read.. 
Job bomber kills 59
A suicide bomber killed 59 people in a crowded Iraqi market today after luring Shia day labourers aboard his minivan with an offer of casual work. ...  | Read.. 
Colombian singer Shakira performs at a concert in Timisoara city, 580 km west of Bucharest, in Romania. (AP)
Oprah grouse
Night risks all for Water
M. Night Shyamalan left Disney when the studio refused to make his new movie Lady in the Water   | Read.. 
Yo, Blair: The PM becomes Bush’s poodle
Prime Minister Tony Blair was roundly mocked as a US poodle today after an off-the-cuff chat with P..  | Read..