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Rants & Raves

Shattering myths

The article, How safe is milk' (July 3), shatters the myth that drinking cow’s milk can ensure wholesome nutrition and a perfect balanced diet. But the harm that it can cause has left most of us shocked. I presume that mothers need to be a bit more careful about their children and they must understand whether their child is allergic to milk or not because the write-up suggested that milk allergy has no proper medical solution. So I guess prevention is better than cure. That seems to be the only suitable option here.

Moloy Bhattacharya Burdwan

GM menace

It was heartening to learn that most Europeans do not encourage the use of GM crops (GM foods, July 3) and they see biotech crops as posing a serious threat to society. But here in Asia the scenario is altogether different. Here people are being taken for a ride and being fed with GM foods as per the government’s order. With most of us opposing it, I wonder how come GM crops every time get a chance to bounce back after a reprieve'

Arta Mishra Cuttack

Filaria facts

With reference to Neglecting filaria (July 3), barring a few points that were not explained clearly, the entire article was quite an enlightening one. It was very precise in pointing out that Indian researches do not focus on the elimination of the disease and that the disease actually affects poor people, particularly in the rural areas, who are often treated by quacks.

The fact that the disease can remain undetected for a substantially long period of time makes matters worse. But with India’s National Health Policy aiming to wipe out the epidemic, one can hope for the best.

Dr S. K. Rudra Bankura

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