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Death dance in tit-for-tat strikes
Hizbollah today killed eight people in the Israeli city of Haifa in its deadliest rocket attack on the Jewish state, and Israeli planes killed 36 people in Lebanon in a fifth day of strikes. ...  | Read.. 
N Korea rejects UN sanctions
North Korea today said it was not bound by a UN Security Council resolution imposing weapons-related sanctions on it and insisted the country would “bolster its war dete ...  | Read.. 
G8 runs into energy storm
Environmental advocacy groups today accused the Group of Eight industrial nations of failing to take seriously the problems of climate change and the dangers of nuclear energ ...  | Read.. 
US diplomacy holds the key
Only US diplomacy can now end a crisis between Hizbollah and Israel that has escalated from a bid to force the release of two Israeli soldiers into a war that threatens to su ...  | Read.. 
To ride in a golf cart or not to ride' That was the question driving a wedge between Group of Eight leaders even before they sat down for talks on Sun ...  | Read
Skydive craze
Cell flight
Germany, Poland in ‘potato war’
A satirical German newspaper’s mocking description of Poland’s President Lech Kaczyns..  | Read.. 
Shariat radical ‘spy’ busts Qaida plot
Muslim leaders in Canada have reacted with fury after a radical advocate of Shariat law reveale..  | Read..